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There are a multitude of degrees of theft according to Texas law, ranging from minor misdemeanors (Class C) that may result in fines to major felonies of the first degree, that are punishable by life in prison in extreme circumstances.

Even though accusations of theft can surface from various circumstances, it is imperative that you not take these allegations lightly. In Dallas, the offenses related to theft are often labelled as crimes of moral turpitude or dishonesty, and you might be surprised to discover how big of an affect these repercussions can have in your life not just today but also in the future.

For example, a theft conviction can prevent you from gaining employment, receiving loans, renting an apartment, and even negatively affect your ability to get accepted into colleges and graduate schools. Even if you were wrongfully accused, or avoid jail time entirely, a guilty verdict remains as a permanent mark on your criminal record that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

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The severity of the consequences faced when dealing with theft conviction is based on the value of the theft or the property damage that occurred during the incident. First time Class A or B misdemeanors or felony theft cases, if not set for trial, can often result in some form of probation with no jail time included. Many of those cases can be non-conviction deferred adjudication and ultimately dismissed and under certain circumstances, can be removed from your criminal record through non-disclosure.

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